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Children are a touchy subject for many as they are a cause of a lot of worry to parents - from first being worried about conception, to their upbringing, to their settling down in life and finally about whether the children will be with them during their old age. This last one is more of a concern to Indian parents as they are used to the extended family atmosphere and expect their children to be with them in their old age. Although this article will deal mainly with the first worry, the remedies mentioned here will have an affect on the other areas of the child's development too. Reasons for Problems in Conception: Physical reasons - these are known to many and people can refer to their doctors for help. Spiritual - the reason is one's past life (lives); there may have been some karma from past life which has caused one to suffer in this life. In general, the sins we commit, leave an imprint on our soul and those sinful acts therefore make us suffer in the given life and also future lives. In terms of children, the penance for those sins can be that one does not beget any children or if one does, then is unable to have cordial relations with them. So, if one gets to know that one may have done some sinful acts in past lives and wholeheartedly does penance for them, then God does listen and helps one get a child.

It's necessary to do kundali-milan properly; Mars and Venus's positions also need to be carefully suggested. If a female's brother is much older than her in age, then she needs to be very careful about her body from a young age - especially hormonal issues. If there is a lot of acidity in the body, then it's very important to be wary of the negative effects of the planets mentioned above (Mars and Venus). If the female's behavior is not flexible, and the 5th house is not strong, then it will be problematic for the woman to conceive. Mars, Venus, and Jupiter's negative influence can cause problems in the tubes and hormones. So it's important to get the remedies for these done. Sometimes, people get abortions done with their own will, but when they truly do want a child, then they don't get one or if they do then the child is weak and does not love them and is stubborn in nature. Do remedies for Jupiter if this is the case. Also, if Jupiter is weak, then one should not wait more than necessary to decide on having children

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