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  • Master bedroom should be in the Nairuti Kona (South-West zone) of the house, in order to have better control, better co-ordination and enjoy a peaceful life.
  • Son’s bedrooms room should be to the Paschim disha (West) or Dakshin disha (South).
  • Children and especially unmarried girls should not stay in the Nairuti kona (South-West zone) bedroom.
  • Ideally unmarried girls bedroom should allocated the Vayu Kona (North-West zone) bedroom.
  • The guest room should be in the Vayu kona (North-West zone) and never in the Nairuti kona (South-West zone).
  • South-East direction is considered as ‘Agnisthaan” i.e. zone of fire. Persons sleeping in the South-East zone bedroom are prone to aggression, hyper temperament, irritation. Young couples and persons who are of angry nature should avoid sleeping in the South-East area bedroom.
  • Place the bed in such a manner that your head is aligned towards the Dakshin disha (South) or the Poorav disha (East). Never sleep with your head towards the Uttar disha (North), else you may experience have sleepless nights and you may remain restless and uneasy.
  • Do not install mirror opposite the bed. Also avoid mirror on West and South wall.
  • Keep the North, North-East and East windows open for maximum time.
  • It is suggested to keep South and West windows closed for maximum time.
  • All rooms should be constructed in a regular shape (i.e. rectangular shaped room without cuts or missing corners). In case your bedroom is having cut or missing corners or extended zones, then we suggest to install our Vastu Product Click here target="_blank">‘Power Grid Stick’ on the missing corner wall at a height of about 6 feet level or higher. Mystic benefits: creates a powerful energy field (grid) within the property and minimizes the negative vibes.
  • In case the bedroom is not well located as per Vastushastra ie. If the bedroom is at the North, North-East, East, South-East zone or if the headboard is on the North, West or East wall then install our Vastu Product Click here target="_blank">‘Power Grid Stick’behind the bed head board (centre) at about 24 inch level.
  • If the bedroom door is on the South, West, South-West or South-East zone, then install our Vastu Product Click here target="_blank">‘Power Grid Stick’ above the bedroom door frame.
  • We suggest to place our Vastu Product Happy Relationship Yantra on the bed side table. Happy Relationship Yantra is filled with Natural Rose Quartz Crystals and other Potent Ingredients. Mystic benefits: helps to gain abundance of peace, abundance of happiness, abundance of love and a happy contended life.

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